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Welcom from the president Gianni Battistella. Have my warmest welcome to the chours Monte Peralba ' s site.
I do thank you very much foryour visit.
I hope it could enable you to appreciate our contribute to a branch of the culture and tradition of the people living in the territory of the Veneto Region.

Coro Monte Peralba do not restrict itself only to sharpen its own way of singing but since many years searchs, collects and valorize the popular and traditional chant.
Maestro Leonardo Camerotto, as well as all the coristers, never loose the opportunity to hear learn old songs handed down by generations, in order to keep alive the traditions.

Listening to our songs one can enjoy the meliodies and discover old and beautiful songs, full of sensation.
Sensations of gladness and sadness, labours and expectations, spontaneousness and love for a life spended in this land of ours.

It would be a particular pleasure for us to get your impressions and suggestions with regard to our repertoire that, we feel sure, shall be an important stimulus for our future activities.
A particular encouragement goes to those among you that wish to approch our choir.

Your contribution could be a) to come and join us to sing with our chours- if you live within a decent distance from San Donà di Piave. b) becoming a contributing/supporting.
All that will enable our choir to continue its promotion activities and to maintain alive the Knowledge of the folk-songs of this land. Our wish is to hear from you, receiving your e-mails.

                                                                                                                                                    Sincerely yours
                                                                                                                                        Gianni Battistella - President

credits: Dacos Sistemi